Keith's Warehouse

On this page I have "warehoused" various video clips and links to ongoing projects which generally take so long to load that they don't really belong on the main website. So if you wind up here and you don't have much time (to watch a little "loading" circle just spinning around for ages) take one of the links on the left!

Barbershop Quartet: The Ringmasters - Blackbird (Paul McCartney) - LINK

Barbershop Chorus: Cottontown Chorus - Choir of the Year, 2008 - LINK

The Crescendo Choir - Hallelujah Chorus - Handel (Dec. 13th, 2009) - LINK

Crescendo @ La Zenia Church (Dec. 13th, 2009) - Getting set up - LINK

Work In Progress - Melody Makers International website - LINK



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