Over the many years of my restless life I've met a lot of wonderful people. Those with whom I got to spend quality time became friends for life. As a tribute to those beautiful people, and also of course to my family, this photo album is dedicated .

They are mostly all here. To anyone who may have gotten left out, either because I didn't have a snapshot of them or simply due to an increasingly dodgy memory, I offer my humblest apologies - maybe we can share a drink or three in the next reincarnation? (If we turn out to be cats we can make it a saucer of milk!).

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1. Growing Up in the UK

My children in 1966: Nicola (4), Simon (2) & Alison (1) in Cardiff, UK
(who have delivered five grand-children! - see later)

2. Living in South Africa

'Sounds Continental' - S.Africa 1972. Yours truly on sax :)Nicky, Si & Alison @ Zoo Lake, Jhb 1972
My band in Vanderbijlpark (meon sax) // Niki, Ali & Si on Zoo Lake, Johannesburg // Nikki's 21st B'day

3. Living in Boston, Massachussetts

4. Moving from Boston to Los Angeles (1985)

4. Living in LA, California

Visiting Steve & Viv in Florida, 2003
Me n Vivi n Stevie Coral Springs, South Florida, 2003


5. Full Circle - back in the UK

Radiotherapy (gets rid of prostate cancer!) - Xmas, 2001


6. Oops! Off again!
(Retired to Spain this time!)

6a. My 70th Birthday Party at the Castillo de Conesa, St. Miguel, Costa Blanca

Christmas 2009 in UK with son Simon & Family


Don't come unless you're a "B"!!! - August 2010


Below (pictures of a concert with TAABS in May 2007)

The cast of TAABS (Charity Concert, May 2007)
(Keith, Lisa, Baz, Mandy (MD), Ted, Marilyn, Dave, Cherie, John & Bonnie)

Ted takes us to his "Island in the Sun" (Charity Concert, May 2007)

Doing the Dean Martin with Backup (Charity Concert, May 2007)

Soiree at Trent & Linda's - Jan 2007

"The Rose" from our West End Workshop - 2009 Concert.
(that's me - the short grey one at middle back!)




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