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This is an adaptation of the CV I've been toting around the planet while seeking my destiny. It's about 1/4 of the size I used to hand out to potential employers - and a lot different J . It hasn't formatted into HTML as perfectly as I'd hoped (ahum). However, I'm going to tell you that it is laid out exactly like every other - in reverse chronological order. Now that don't make no sense, cher! Reading a person's life back to front!

So, I am instructing you to read it from the back to the front, OR simply read my green comments. Seriously! It goes quicker and you know it makes sense. You'll be really confused otherwise!

Personal Profile

A career Information Technology professional with particular relevance to the development, implementation and marketing of Financial Software tools. Likes to travel to different countries and cultures, having a good time. And if the job travels well, call me interested (or just call me!). Good mixer - especially of Tequila Sunrise. Has this problematic thing about Jennifer Aniston - that she's married to Brad the Pitts. Job must provide car and accommodation as standard. Health good (for the time being).

 Education & Training

o Howardian High School, Cardiff 6 "O" Levels

o College of Music & Drama, Cardiff Music Theory 7 & 8

o Vanderbijl Tech. College, S. Africa 3 "A" Levels

o Control Data Corporation Diploma in Systems Programming

o Programming Courses COBOL; FORTRAN; BASIC

o Shrink-wrap Software training WP / Spreadsheet / Database / DTP

o Other Financial Accounting Software


Career Summary (Chronologically back to front! How could you ignore my advice! - No, not you, Madam; the other bloke!)


(Back in the UNITED KINGDOM)


2004 - ???? Happy Retiree, Self-employed Waster and part-time website Designer / Programmer

No time for slippers & pipe. Got too much to do. With any luck, could be living in Spain in 2005!


(The Disaster Years)

2001 - 2004 Self-employed Website Designer / Salesperson

IandI Studio Limited

Cardiff, Wales.

Don't bother - it doesn't pay!


1999 - 2000 Director


Llandaff, Cardiff.

Formed and ran a 2-man IT hardware and software provision company.

All fine until man number 2 concluded that working 5 days a week does

not befit a director! Right. Okay … erm … maybe I shouted at him too much?

However, we remain good friends and chat from time to time.


1996 - 1998 Sales Manager, Networking


Fairwater, Cardiff.

Least said, soonest mended. I went to work for a crook(!) - the company collapsed from the inside out due to too much money being data-mined!

I lost £2,000 and change (what is it with these people?), but met a nice guy called Pete Woodward. J

1993 - 1996 General Manager, IT Trainer

MAC RELOCATION (contracted to Employment Services)

Bridgend, S. Wales

Helping kids get into or back into the jobs market.

1990 - 1993 Systems Consultant


Tiverton, Devon.

Systems Sales Consultant responsible for advising clients on upgrading

their Nixdorf mini-computers and customised software to PC networks

and shrink-wrap software.

Good fun working with some guys I met at Nixdorf, Johannesburg. Not

a very profitable venture, sadly; but gave me a living.



(The FUN Years) {That is, if you're reading forwards; if backwards, this is the end of

The FUN Years. See?}

1986 - 1989 Technical Training Manager, USA Western Region

Los Angeles, California.

Responsible for client and salesperson training in financial software

products for the western region (40 offices from Chicago to the West Coast).

What a job! Man, oh, man! Best hotels, expense account, all you can eat and

run your own life! (Had the condo in Culver City then; just up the road from

Universal Studios with Venice Beach a 10 minute drive away. Very cool.) Fun times!

1985 - 1986 Business Manager, Software Sales, Nixdorf Computer Corp.

Los Angeles, California.

Reporting to the Western Regional Director, with responsibility for establishing

a new business unit promoting financial control software on the West Coast.

Wow! Promotion again!! In this job I got to hire some real nice people locally; the LA office was a major education. I even got my own budget for building a brand new office suite for me and my five staff. Talk about laid back - we did a LOT of falling over! The LA traffic and the fact of living 35 miles south (right on the beach - Huntington Beach, natch - anyone for surfin'?) meant a lot of pubbing and clubbing before hitting the highway home. Don't even ask!


1983 - 1985 Senior Marketing Specialist, International Sales

Corporate HQ, Nixdorf Computer Corp.,Waltham, Massachusetts.

Reporting to the International Sales Manager and responsible for marketing the company’s financial software in the USA and Canada.

Great stuff! Promotion! God bless America! This job REALLY got me around. I think I must have seen a good half of the 50 states within this two-year period. I was required to fly out of Boston most Monday mornings and spend a week at any one of about 30 branches scattered over the continent (and that included Canada!) helping the local sales dudes sell our German products to their, uuh, happy clients. What a buzz - it worked however and added some kudos to my rep and my kitty. So I bought me a Toyota Supra, a 2.8 litre fuel-injected beast of burden. Ah yes, I can still smell the leather!

1980 - 1982 Senior Systems Analyst

Home Office, Burlington, Massachusetts.

Member of 3-man software development group adapting European financial software applications to USA market specifications and standards.

Just arrived in the States (Boston) for the first time. Enjoying la vida loca with windsurfing in summer, lobsters on the BBQ; skiing in New Hampshire in the winter.


(A New Beginning)

1975 - 1980 Systems Analyst / Systems Programmer

Nixdorf (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Analysis and programming in assembler (BASIC) of a variety of financial and

other business systems for South African clients.

Not at all bad - paid by the line of code! Licence to forget about repeat loops, pad it all out, and go for the BIG cash payouts! Bought my first house.

1970 - 1975 Systems Programmer

ISCOR, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.

Software development and maintenance of real-time operating systems for the automation of a major steel manufacturing plant on a CDC 3000 Mainframe.

My first IT job - thanks to an Afrikaans neighbour, Johann Dieperink, who showed me how to switch departments!

1970 - 1970 Steel Analyst, Onsite Laboratory

Iron & Steel Corp. (ISCOR), Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.

Checking steel quality during production runs for about 6 months.

Shi(f)t job this one. Learnt to play a good game of bridge however!




(In The Beginning)


1964 - 1969 Steel Analyst, Onsite Laboratory

GK Iron & Steel Ltd., Cardiff, Wales.

Checking steel quality during production runs.

Very poor pay. Living on the bread line! Convinced to emigrate by colleague.

My first job ever. Settling down after Military Service (active in Cyprus and Libya) and a couple of year having fun in Music College shakin' off the sand!