I am SO into Roller Coasters - a regular "coaster freak". I've tried out many of the best - 'Six Flags Magic Mountain' and 'Knott's Berry Farm' in California, ' Universal Studios' in Florida - all amazing rides.

Not quite the real thang, but you might like to try out these superb computer simulations borrowed from Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.


Click any image, turn on your sound, wait for the longish download (well worth the wait; then you can paly as often as you like!) and enjoy the ride without needing a neck brace! If you'd rather download them and play them offline, just right-click the images below and "Save Target As...". The best thing about downloading first is that you get the option to play with 2 x screen size with the Quicktime player.

Get your nose about 9 inches from your screen and try not to throw up on your keyboard :) Have fun!


#1 - A Wooden Coaster#2 - An Invert Coaster #3 - a Mega Coaster #4 - A Looping Coaster


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