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I've been designing and building websites since 1998, principally using the web authoring tool 'DreamWeaver' from Macromedia. However, 80% of the work in building a website is taken up building graphics for the web pages. My favourite developer is 'Photoshop' for putting together eye-catching web graphics, like the text links on the left (my attempt at getting away from those ubiquitous buttons). I am still using an old version issued prior to the take-over by Adobe and I find I like it a lot more than newer versions - which try to do too much.

For anyone with an interest in graphics development they could do a lot worse than taking some lessons on Photoshop use - given for free on "MyJanee"s website. Janee is a charming (and helpful) lady who publishes superb tutorials on her site (she also co-authors books on Photoshop - check out Amazon.com) and is most encouraging to anyone who cares to shoot her a quick email. I learned a lot from her and am still learning. You can visit her site when you're tired of this one - a link is provided further down this page. Look for "Photoshop Tutorials" on Janee's home page. Thanks, Janee

Here are some of the sites I've built over the years: (in addition to this one, of course!:)

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(Above left) Soave Vocal Group, Costa Blanca, Spain --- (Above right) A Cardiff Solicitor

(Above left) Alternative Therapy Clinic, Cardiff --- (Above right) A Barbershop chorus, Costa Blanca, Spain

(Above left) Commercial & Domestic Builder, Newport, Mon. ... (Above right) Crescendo Int'l Choir, Spain

Community website, Los Montesinos

(Above left) Site for "Side by Side" Theatre Group ... (Above right) Construction Company, Costa Blanca

All Seasons Air Conditioning, Costa Blanca ..... Dennis Christian, Entertainer, Costa Blanca

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Click on this plaque and get yourself a share of a beautiful 14-acre wood in rural Wales and save it from destruction - forever! I DID!!


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